Rolled Over Projects

Due to the lengthy process of consultations and reviews required to successfully implement law reform projects, the average time a project takes from inception to completion is twenty four (24) months.
Due to the large volumes of laws enacted in the periods between major law revisions and factual changes in the laws, the project usually takes between three (3) to five (5) years to complete. It means therefore that most law reform and revision projects will span beyond one year of their inceptions. They therefore are rolled over into the work plan of the Commission for the succeeding years. The projects rolled over from the previous years are outlined below.

Reform of Succession Laws - Phase II

In 2011, the Commission identified a total of twelve (12) principal laws relating to succession which required review.  It was decided that the review be undertaken in phases in view of the magnitude of the work involved.  The first phase reviewed the Succession Act (Cap. 162) and the Administrator Generals Act (Cap. 157).  A study report and amendment Bills were prepared and submitted to the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs for further management in 2014.

Model Law on Amnesty

Within the Transitional Justice framework and support from McArthur Foundation, the Commission in partnership with the Uganda Law Society and Law Development Centre, to undertake a study aimed at generating proposals to develop a model amnesty law.