What is the composition of the Law Reform Commission?

The Commission is composed of a full time Chairperson and six part time Commissioners who are appointed by the President on the advice of the Attorney General.


The Commission has three departments: Law Reform, Law Revision and Finance and Administration. The Secretariat is headed by the Secretary who is responsible for the day-to-day management of activities and programmes of the Commission.

What the Law Reform Department does.

The Law reform department is charged with:

  1. undertaking research and making recommendations for modernization, development and reform of the law;
  2. advising government ministries, departments and agencies on law reform;
  3. initiating proposals for new laws;
  4. disseminating proposed bills or enacted laws;
  5. sensitizing the general public about laws; and
  6. engaging the general public in the law making process.

What the Law Revision Department does.

The Law revision department is charged with:

  1. revising and updating the laws of Uganda;
  2. simplifying laws;
  3. translating laws; and
  4. consolidating laws.

What the Finance & Administration Department does.

The department of Finance and Administration is charged with mobilizing and managing human, material as well as financial resources and providing adequate logistical support for purposes of ensuring smooth, efficient and effective operation of the Commission.