What are the main steps in the Legislative process?

Summary of Legislative Process

  1. study for a law is done by the Commission or line Ministry
  2. presentation of principles to cabinet by line Ministry.
  3. approval of principles by Cabinet.
  4. drafting of Bill by Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs (FPC)
  5. Cabinet approves Bill and it is published in the gazette.
  6. minister responsible presents Bill in Parliament for first reading
  7. bill is committed to relevant committee of Parliament for consideration; and
  8. consultations;
  9. committee presents the report to the whole house in the second reading in Parliament
  10. bill is committed to the third reading for debate and passage into law;
  11. Clerk to Parliament sends the Bill to the President for assent by signing the Bill
  12. where the Bill is assented to by the President it is gazetted and it becomes law. Note if the President refuses to assent to the bill, it is returned to Parliament.