Welcome to Uganda Law Reform Commission

On behalf of the Commissioners and staff of the Uganda Law Reform Commission (Commission), I warmly welcome you to this website. The website is intended to provide key information regarding the establishment, composition, mandate, outputs and other pertinent issues regarding the Commission. It is therefore my earnest belief that you will find the information on the website useful and informative.

The Uganda Law Reform Commission is established by Article 248 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda (1995) and the specific operational details are provided in the Uganda Law Reform Commission Act (Cap 25, Laws of Uganda).  The core mandate of the Commission is to study and keep under constant review the Acts and other laws comprising the Laws of Uganda with a view to making recommendations for their systematic improvement, development, modernization and reform.

It is the considered view of the Commission that a good law must be flexible and receptive to change, so as to remain fair, relevant and up to date and above all, take into account the needs of the people.  As society changes over time so do the views and values of the members of that society. Law reform serves and plays the role of ensuring that this match is achieved by creating changes which contribute to making the laws of the country reflect those values and needs.

In ensuring that this role is realized, the Commission has adopted a consultative and participatory approach to law reform in Uganda. In this respect, we call upon all stakeholders to not only participate in the consultations we make as part of our project implementation but to engage with the Commission in areas of the law that they consider merit reform.

I do hope that readers will find the resources on this website useful insofar as they relate to the work of the Commission.  It is my request that you give us feedback on how we can better perform our functions for the good of the people of Uganda.

Lastly but by no means least I thank the many stakeholders who have consistently stood by the Commission and graciously participated in the activities of the Commission. I particularly wish to thank the following stakeholders; the Attorney General, the Department of First Parliamentary Counsel in the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS)   Secretariat, the Chief Justice of Uganda and the entire Judiciary, the Parliament of Uganda, especially the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee, the Uganda Law Society, the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and development partners.

Mrs. Vastina Rukimirana Nsanze