ULRC Workplan for FY2013/14 Out

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Commission is planning to implement a number of activities during the year 2013. The plan is to finalise the current ongoing activities that have not been finalised and commence new projects that will be supported under the 2013/14 Government funding cycle. The ongoing and new projects will fall under the different categories below:

  1. Revision of Subsidiary laws of Uganda in preparation of the 7th revised edition.
  2. Proofreading Principal Laws in preparation of the 7th revised edition.
  3. Translation of Local Council Courts Act into Runyakitara, Acholi and Langi.
  4. Printing of the translated version of the Constitution into Runyoro/Rutooro
  5. Simplification and publication of the Land Act, Cap. 227.
  6. Distribution and dissemination of the printed copies of the Local Council Courts Act, 2006.
  7. Printing of the pocket size Constitution.
  8. Printing of an updated Index of the Laws of Uganda, 2013
  9. The Commission will continue to carry out advocacy for quick passage of Bills pending in Parliament and those that are due for submission to Cabinet. The Bills that are currently undergoing advocacy are the Geographical Indications Bill and the Chattels Securities Bill. Others earmarked for advocacy during the year 2013 are:

(a) The Marriage and Divorce Bill

(b) The Trial on Indictments (Amendment) Bill

(c) The Magistrates Courts (Amendment) Bill

(d) The Witness Protection Bill;

(e) The Succession (Amendment) Bill;

(f) The Administrator General (Amendment) Bill;

(g) The Industrial Property Bill;

(h) The Anti-Counterfeits Bill; and

(i) The Free Zones Bill.

10.The Commission will hold dissemination workshops and seminars in different parts of the country intended to create awareness on the Contracts Act, No. 7 of 2010, Hire Purchase Act, 2009 and Trade Secrets Protection Act, 2009 and distribute the information documents to the users and implementers of the law.

11.The Commission will continue with the research for reform of the laws that commenced in 2012 and have been rolled over to 2013. These laws include:

(a) The Employment Act, 2006;

(a) The Explosives Act ;

(b) The Uganda Citizenship and Immigration Control Act;

(c) The laws governing the Civil Procedure Regime;

(d) The Registration of Titles Act; and

(e) The legislative framework to govern forensic examinations and investigations.

12.In addition to the above, the Commission plans to commence research for reform in new areas of the law where the available laws are either archaic and do not match the current socio-economic circumstances of the people of Uganda or where there are legislative gaps in new areas that do not have the requisite legislative and regulatory frameworks in place. The target areas are;

(a) Development of a legislative framework to regulate electronic funds transfers to match the rapid expansion of the sector;

(b) Reform of the Prisons Act, Cap.304 and the Penal Code Act, Cap 120 to respond to the effects of court decisions; and

(c) Reform of the Births and Deaths Registration Act, Cap. 309 to facilitate the establishment of a reliable national data bank.


13. The Commission has also made plans for the following-

(a) Recruitment of the Commissioner, Law Revision Department

(b) continuing to support staff development through training;

(c) updating information on the Commission website;

(d) mobilising resources and equipment to facilitate Commission activities;

(e) participating in activities of regional and international bodies such as the EAC, COMESA, UNCITRAL, UN, WTO, ALRAESA, CAPAM, ESAAG, etc;