Revision of Principal Laws in 6th revised edition and laws enacted between 2001 and 2012.

The exercise of producing the 7th Revised Edition was embarked on as a major exercise of the Commission in 2011 with the constitution of a Task Force on major revision. The exercise continued in the year 2012 and a total of 360 Acts contained in the 13 volumes of the 6th Revised Edition have been revised and the following anomalies were identified during the process:A number of principal laws have been identified as-

  • requiring urgent reform
  • obsolete or being in contravention with the ¬†Constitution and requiring repeal (see
  • providing for fines or fees which are no longer commensurate with the prevailing economic circumstances;
  • providing for fees and fines in foreign currency; and
  • providing ¬†for fines that need to be converted into currency points.

A Miscellaneous Repeals Bill was prepared for presentation to the Attorney General. Outstanding issues within each Act as identified were pointed out to the implementing bodies/Ministries for their opinion. The consultation process will continue until the publication of the 7th Revised Edition.

From 2000 to date, more than 220 Acts have been enacted and others are still in the process of enactment. Where amendments have been made, they have been incorporated in the parent Acts and consolidated versions of each amended Act will be published in the 7th Revised Edition. The new Acts enacted after 2000 have been proposed for insertion in the respective volumes providing of the same subject matter under which they fall. The revision of principal laws will be followed by the revision of subsidiary legislation contained in the 6th Revised Edition and those enacted after 2000. Due to the insertion of new laws and removal of repealed laws, it is planned that at the end of the exercise, all laws will bear new chapter numbers.

Accordingly the first draft of the principal laws of the 7th Revised Edition has been prepared and will be discussed by the Taskforce and approved by the Commission. The draft will be forwarded to the Attorney General for approval.

Monday, March 21, 2016