Revision of Laws

(a)   Index of the Laws of Uganda

The Commission prepared the Index of Laws of Uganda. It contains the status of Principal and Subsidiary Laws of Uganda including information on laws that have been repealed, revoked or amended during a given period of time. It is aimed at providing users of the law with an up-to-date status of laws of Uganda.

(b)  Revision of the Principal Laws, 7th Edition

The exercise of revising Principal Laws which commenced in 2011 to produce the 7th Revised Edition continued in this reporting period. A total of 360 Acts contained in the 13 volumes of the 6th Revised Edition and over 200 laws passed after 2000 have been revised. The Acts enacted after 2000 have been proposed for insertion in the existing volumes. The following were identified during the exercise:-

(i) laws that require  reform

(ii) provisions with fines or fees which are no longer commensurate with the prevailing economic circumstances;

(iii) provisions with fees and fines in foreign currency; and

(iv) provisions with fines that need to be converted into currency points.

Outstanding issues within each Act as identified were pointed out to the implementing bodies/Ministries for their opinion. The consultation process will continue until the publication of the 7th Revised Edition.

Accordingly the first draft of the Principal Laws of the 7th Revised Edition has been prepared and will be discussed by the law revision taskforce. The draft new statute book will be forwarded to the Attorney General for approval by June 2014.

(c) Cumulative Supplement to the Laws of Uganda

The supplement provides the user with detailed information on the status of Laws of Uganda.   It provides details of the repealed or amended section in each law and it was last published in 2004 together with the revised laws 2001-2004. The supplement has been updated as at December 2013 and will be published together with the 7th Revised Edition.

(d) Drafting manual

The Commission prepared a drafting manual which is due to be discussed by the key stakeholders in the area of legislative drafting. The purpose of the manual is to provide a guide to the Commission legislative drafters in the preparation of laws and specifically to aid the major revision exercise and future revisions as far as consistency and uniformity is concerned. It is envisaged that the manual will act as a launch pad for the development of a national drafting manual by the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

Study of court cases where provisions of the law have been declared unconstitutional

The Commission undertook a study of cases where provisions have been declared unconstitutional. The study was undertaken with the objective of cleaning up the statute book to ensure that unconstitutional provisions are removed and relevant provisions are replaced. Provisions in over twenty Principal laws whose provisions were declared unconstitutional by court where identified and consolidated into a report and a draft amendment bill.

Monday, March 21, 2016