Review of the Uganda Railways Corporation Act, Cap 331

Publish On:
Friday, August 16, 2019

 Uganda Law Reform Commission held a technical working group meeting at Royal Suites Hotel, Bugolobi on 14th August 2019 to discuss the Review of the Uganda Railways Corporation Act, Cap 331 consultation paper.

The Commision is undertaking a study to review the Uganda Railways Corporation Act, Cap 331, with the view to making the law responsive to the current prevailing and dynamic needs of Uganda characterized by rapid economic, social and cultural developments.

The review of the URC Act, Cap.331 is intended to enable a robust socio-economic investment climate that boosts Uganda’s market competitiveness by reducing the costs of doing business nationally, regionally and internationally. At the same time, it shall ensure cheap and timely movement of raw material of production within Uganda and across the East African region hence making Uganda an even more attractive alternative investment country destination.

The discussion paper is intended to guide the study on the areas for review of the Uganda Railways Corporation Act, Cap. 331. The paper is further intended to highlight the legal issues, gaps and challenges that stifle implementation of operations under the Act and examining new emerging issues curtailing the implementation of the Act over the 27 year period since its enactment. Download discussion paper here.