Reform and review of the Civil Procedure related laws

The Commission continued with the review of laws in the Civil Procedure area to address the challenges that have for a long time faced the procedural processes and delayed access to justice. This is a project that commenced in 2011 but was rolled over to 2012. Consultation papers have been prepared in respect to each of the laws under review to guide the reform process. A taskforce of experts comprising of key stakeholders has been constituted to work with the Commission in taking the process further. Consultations have commenced to gather views on how to improve Uganda’s civil procedure process.

The project is focusing on the review of the Civil Procedure Act, Cap.71 and Civil Procedure Rules, S.I. 711, the Civil Procedure (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, Cap.72 the Government Proceedings Act, Cap. 311, the Limitation Act, Cap.80, the Distress for Rent (Court Bailiffs) Act, Cap. 76 and the Distress for Rent (Bailiffs) Rules, S.I. 76-1. The review is intended to ease procedure and processes involved in civil proceedings, enhance access to court and reduce delays in handling civil matters.

Monday, March 21, 2016