(i)  Sentencing guidelines

The Commission in conjunction with the JLOS secretariat under the Criminal Justice Reform program (SIPI) undertook a study on reform of the law on sentencing that made recommendations for the need of sentencing guidelines. This is because the study revealed that there was abuse of Judicial discretion because judicial officers sentenced people that committed similar offences under similar circumstances with sentences that were by and large different. This created loss of confidence in the judicial system. Against this background, the Commission with support from JLOS made proposals for development of sentencing guidelines with the aim of promoting uniformity and consistency in sentencing. The proposals were considered by the rules committee and issued as practice directions under article 133 of the constitution and are now being implemented by the Courts as The Constitution (Sentencing Guidelines for Courts of Judicature) practice (Directions) Legal notice No.8 of 2013.

(ii)  Uganda Living law journal

The commission printed 1000 copies of the Uganda Living Law Journal, Vol.7 No. 2 under the theme: Challenges in the administration of Justice in Uganda today. The journal contributes to the Commission’s mandate of creating awareness of legal issues to the public and promotion of access to justice through articles of topical issues and leading judgments that are published in the journal.

Monday, March 21, 2016