Law Revision Department

Law revision is the process of updating the law without changing its substance. It is aimed at presenting the law in its correct form at any given time thus facilitating the administration of justice, law enforcement, legal education, research, law reform, efficient use of the law and access to justice.

The Department is headed by a Commissioner assisted by an Assistant Commissioner, two Principal Legal Officers and two Senior Legal Officers.

The activities of the Department include the following:-

  • ensuring that the laws of Uganda are regularly revised and an up-to date status of the law is produced and made available to and accessed by the public;
  • preparing and publishing compendia of related laws to ensure easy accessibility of and reference to the laws;
  • managing the database of the revised laws by constantly updating it as new laws are made from time to time;
  • constantly analyzing decisions of superior courts to ascertain their effect on legislation and making proposals for review of the affected laws; and
  • simplifying and translating specific laws to enhance access to justice by the public.

The Department spearheaded the following projects of the Commission:

  • Revision of Principal Laws of Uganda, 7th Edition
  • Revision of Index of the Laws of Uganda
  • Cumulative Supplement to the Laws of Uganda
  • Drafting manual
  • distribution and sensitization of the public on the Constitution in the districts of Uganda
  • Study of court cases where provisions of the law have been declared unconstitutional
  • Revision/update of Index of Laws
  • Publication of Translation of laws
  • Publication of Uganda Living law journal