Law Reform Department

The Law Reform Department is responsible for making changes in the substance of the law so as to make the law useful in achieving its purpose. Accordingly, the Department undertakes studies and research to inform proposals for law reform. It also undertakes documentation, education, training, simplification and translation of laws.

The Department is headed by a Commissioner who is assisted by an Assistant Commissioner, Principal Legal Officers, Senior Legal Officers, Legal Officers and Sociologists. The Department comprises of three sections namely; law reform and research; education, documentation and training; and sociology.

The main activities of the Department are to:-

  • study, document and make proposals for the modernization of the law through proposals for the substantive change in the law and the repeal of obsolete and unnecessary laws;
  • simplify and translate specific laws;
  • carry out research, document and make proposals for the integration of different systems of the laws of Uganda;
  • make proposals for the improvement of methods in the administration of law and dispensation of justice;
  • educate the public on the law making process and the law in action;
  • facilitate ope-rationalization of international and regional legal instruments which Uganda has ratified;
  • give advisory opinions to any department of government; and
  • participate in the activities of the East African Community.

The achievements of the Commission under the Department are reported under the following seven categories:-

  • proposals/bills enacted into law;
  • bills approved by Cabinet and tabled in Parliament;
  • bills submitted to Cabinet for approval;
  • bills to be submitted to Cabinet;
  • regulations drafted;
  • publications made; and
  • other on-going activities.