Index of Laws of Uganda

Publish On:
Monday, November 29, 2021

This is the Index of the Laws of Uganda detailing the status of all the laws of Uganda as at 30th December 2020. It has been prepared by the Uganda Law Reform Commission in a bid to provide a quick guide to the status of the laws of Uganda.

It is divided into two parts and an annexure. Part 1 contains the Constitution of Uganda and subsidiary legislation made under it. Part 2 contains principal laws (Acts of Parliament) and subsidiary legislation (Statutory Instruments, Legal Notices, Practice Directions, Ordinances and Byelaws) made under the listed laws. The annexure contains a list of principal laws passed between 2001 to 2021.

The principal laws are listed in alphabetical order, with all the amendments and subsidiary legislation made under the principal law. Where subsidiary legislation amends the principal law, the subsidiary legislation is listed under the amendments of the principal law and also under the list of subsidiary legislation.

In addition, where a principal law has been repealed, the repealing law is listed below it. Where the subsidiary legislation made under the repealed law is revoked before the repeal of the Parent Act, it is listed under the repealed law (Parent Act) for reference. However, where the subsidiary legislation was saved by the repealing law or under the Interpretation Act, the subsidiary legislation is listed below the repealing law.

Where subsidiary legislation has had full effect or served the purpose for which it was made, an asterisk has been inserted against that subsidiary legislation.

It is hoped that this Index of laws will ease reference to the Laws of Uganda hence help in the promotion of the rule of law in Uganda.

A copy of the Index of the Laws of Uganda ,  can be  downloaded  here