A call for articles for the Uganda Living Law Journal

Publish On:
Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Uganda Living Law Journal is an annual publication of the Uganda Law Reform Commission (Commission). The Journal seeks to create public awareness on contemporary legal issues and to highlight efforts towards the promotion of access to justice in Uganda through publication of legal and socio - legal articles and leading judgments on topical issues.

The preparation for the next issue of the journal is underway and publication is expected by December, 2017.

Submissions are welcome from ALL. For the next issue of the Uganda Living Law Journal, the Commission is soliciting for articles revolving around the following areas:

  1. The Development of Constitutional law in Uganda in relation to the 3 arms of Government  -;
  2. Land justice; controversies surrounding dual interests, evictions and land conflicts in post conflict Uganda; and
  3. Intellectual property - in light of new legislation that has come up in the area of intellectual property;
  4. Any other topical issue


Articles should be original and not more than 10,000 words. The text including footnotes should be double spaced. Footnotes should be placed at the bottom of each page and citations should follow “A Uniform System of Citation (15thed)”.  Soft copies of the articles are preferred.

Please submit your article via email to emajambere@ulrc.go.ug or esther_maja@yahoo.com also add a 6 - 7 sentence biography indicating professional experience and academic qualifications of the author and a day time  telephone contact as well as email address.


All submitted articles are peer - reviewed by members of the Editorial Board within six weeks from the date of submission. Comments made by the Board or clarifications sought are sent to the authors who respond to the Board within two weeks. As such, the board reserves the right to select the Articles for publication.


Articles should be received by 30th November, 2017 for our December 2017 issue. However, given the limited space available in this issue, it is advisable to submit your article early.

Authors of Articles approved for publication will receive a modest token fee of Ug. Shs 350,000/= (approx USD 100) and a complimentary copy of the Journal in which the article is published.

The Commission looks forward to receiving articles in response to the call, and is happy to respond to inquiries from interested parties at the email address already provided.