Advocacy for Law Reform

(a) Dissemination of laws

The following Acts of Parliament were disseminated to create awareness through public seminars in selected towns in Uganda:-

(i)  The Contracts Act, No.7 of 2010;

(ii)  Hire Purchase Act, No.3 of 2009;

(iii)  Companies Act, No.1 of 2012;

(iv)  Mortgage Act, No.8 of 2009;

(v)   Insolvency Act, 2011;

(vi) Trade Secrets Protection Act, No.2 of 2009;

(vii) The Whistle blowers Protection Act, 2010;

(viii)  Access to Information Act, No.6 of 2005 and

(ix)  Anti Corruption Act, No.6 of 2009.

(b) Advocacy for quick passage of laws

The Commission carried out an advocacy program for quick passage of the Companies Bill, the Insolvency Bill, the Geographical Indications Bill, Marriage and Divorce Bill, the Chattels Securities Bill. Several advocacy workshops were held for parliamentarians and at the regional level to target the members of the general public, the business community, local leaders and administrators.  These efforts culminated into the passing of the Companies Bill and the Insolvency Bill both of which are now Acts of Parliament. The Commission intends to continue carrying out advocacy for quick passage of laws.

(c)        Post enactment evaluation of laws

For the first time, the Commission evaluated the effectiveness of the recently enacted laws which were specifically drafted by the Commission.

(i)         The Hire Purchase Act, 2009

The Act had not been fully put into use due to lack of a licensing Authority for companies that are involved in that trade thus no cases had been registered at the commercial division of the High court under this Act.

(ii)        The Copyrights and Neighbouring rights Act, 2006

The Act was fully operational with various cases being filed and heard in the courts of law under this Act.

(iii)       The Mortgage Act, 2009

This Act had little popularity among the judicial officers as most of them were not aware of the reviewed Act coming into force.

Overall, it was observed that there was need to further sensitize the general public on newly enacted laws through distributing free copies, simplifying the law and regular translation of the law into various local languages.

Monday, March 21, 2016