53rd Independence Day Congratulatory Message

Publish On:
Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Commissioners, Secretary and staff of the Uganda Law Reform Commission congratulate the President of the Republic of Uganda, H. E. General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Cabinet Ministers, the Attorney General and all Ugandans upon this auspicious occasion when Uganda celebrates her 53rd Independence Anniversary.

The Uganda Law Reform Commission is charged with the responsibility of studying and keeping under constant review the Acts and other laws of Uganda with a view to making recommendations for their systematic improvement, development, modernization and reform.
The Commission encourages and promotes public participation in the law making process through dissemination and consensus building, community law reform programs and research and documentation.
Through the above approach, the Ugandan Law Reform Commission is committed to community participation in the law making process so as to refl ect in the laws of Uganda the customs, values and norms of society as well as concepts consistent with International Human Rights standards, promotion of access to justice and observance of the rule of law.

The Uganda Law Reform Commission has in the recent past, and in line with her mandate, made proposals for reform and development of a number of laws and bills have been drafted to that effect, among
a) The Financial Leasing Bill 2015
b) The Witness Protection Bill 2015
c) The Trial on Indictments (Amendment) Bill 2015.

d) The Magistrates Courts (Amendment) Bill 2015
e) The Constitution (Amendment) Bill 2015
f) The Presidential Elections ( Amendment) Bill 2015
g) The Parliamentary Elections (Amendment) Bill 2015
h) The Electoral Commission (Amendment) Bill 2015
i) The Electronic Funds Transfer Bill 2015
j) The Succession (Amendment) Bill 2015
k) The Employment (Amendment) Bill 2015
Currently, the Uganda Law Reform Commission is working on reforming laws to improve access to justice by the people of Uganda.

These include:
a) The civil procedures laws
b) The Penal Code Act.
c) The informal justice mechanisms to ease access to land justice.
d) Revision of the principal and subsidiary laws of Uganda.
e) Simplification of the Contracts Act.
Consequently, in realisation of the true meaning of independence in management of own affairs, the Uganda Law Reform Commission will continue to contribute to a people centered legal regime for prosperity
and development.