December 2021

Call for articles of the Uganda Living Law Journal

 Uganda Law Reform Commission welcomes submission of articles from the general public for publication of the next issue of the Uganda Living Law Journal. The journal seeks to create public awareness on contemporary legal issues and to highlight efforts towards the promotion of access to justice in Uganda. the The theme of the next issue is "Covid-19, Public Health and Human Rights"


The overall function of the Commission is to study and keep under constant review laws of Uganda with a view to making recommendations for their improvement, development, modernization and reform.

Specific functions of the Commission

The Commission in discharging its core function may:

The law reform process entails examining laws, advocating and implementing changes in a legal system, usually with the aim of enhancing justice or efficiency and modernizing the law. It is done through the following steps:

The Commission is composed of a full time Chairperson and six part time Commissioners who are appointed by the President on the advice of the Attorney General.


The Commission has three departments: Law Reform, Law Revision and Finance and Administration. The Secretariat is headed by the Secretary who is responsible for the day-to-day management of activities and programmes of the Commission.

What the Law Reform Department does.

The Law reform department is charged with: