December 2014

The commission in corroboration with other government agencies and partners has under taken various projects, some of which have been completed. While others are at various stages of completion these include;

  1. Advocacy on the Marriage and Divorce Bill, 2009

The Marriage and Divorce Bill consolidates the laws relating to the celebration and dissolution of marriage in Uganda with the exception of the Marriage of Mohammedans Act. A number of concerns raised by various interest groups after the Bill was presented to Parliament led government to recommend Read More....

  1. Dissemination of and sensitization on the Prevention and Prohibition of Torture Act No. 3 2012

The Prevention and Prohibition of Torture Act criminalises torture and gives effect to Uganda’s obligation as a state party to the United Nations Convention against Torture. The dissemination and sensitization on the Act was intended to create awareness of the provisions and Read More.....

  1. Advocacy on the Prisons Act (Amendment) Bill

Review of the Prisons Act, Cap. 304 was conducted to bring the Act into conformity with the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda 1995; international principles and minimum standards for the treatment of prisoners; and other national laws. Read More...

  1. Review of the Employment Act, Act No. 6 of 2006

A review of the Employment Act was undertaken with the view of aligning it to international standards.The review addressed issues of migrant workers, sexual harassment at work, domestic workers, employment of children, and labour export. Read More...

  1. Review of Succession laws Phase II

The Commission reviewed and made recommendations for the reform of the following laws on succession:

  1. The Administration of Estates of Persons of Unsound Mind Act, Cap. 155; Read More...

The Commission consists of a Chairperson and six other commissioners appointed by the president on the advice of Attorney General.It is serviced by a secretariat headed by the Secretary and has three departments namely; Law Reform, Law Revision and Finance & Administration.


The Commission undertook and completed a number of projects under Government of Uganda and JLOS funding.

#990066;">2.1 Reform and simplification of laws

(a) Reform of the Employment Act, 2006


Vision of the Commission

Laws that facilitate transformation and development of Uganda


Mission of the Commission

To reform and update the laws of Uganda in line with the social, cultural and economic needs and values of the people of Uganda



Law reform for transformation and sustainable development


The Commission is planning to implement a number of activities during the year 2014. The plan is to complete the current ongoing projects and commence new ones that will be supported with the 2014/15 budget. The ongoing and new projects will fall under the different categories below:-

(a) Revision of Subsidiary Laws of Uganda in preparation of the 7th revised edition

The Uganda Law Reform Commission is established under Article 248(1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda. Its primary mandate is to study and keep under constant review the Acts and all other laws comprising the laws of Uganda with a view to making recommendations for their systematic improvement, development, modernisation and reform.

On behalf of the Commissioners and staff of the Uganda Law Reform Commission, I warmly welcome you to this website. The website is intended to provide key information regarding the establishment, composition, mandate, outputs and other pertinent issues regarding the Commission.