The Marriage Bill, 2017- What you need to know.

Publish On:
Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Proposed marriage law

The Uganda Law Reform Commission has developed legislative proposals to govern the institution of marriage. The proposed Bill provides for types of marriage, marital rights and duties, separation and divorce.

Objective of the Bill

The objective of this Bill is to reform and consolidate the laws governing marriage,provide for the types of marriage, marital rights and duties arising from marriage, grounds for and divorce and other connected matters. The Bill is an attempt to:

  1. align the law on marriage with the Constitution of Uganda;
  2. to consolidate the laws on marriage;
  3. to reflect in our law, the socio-economic realities of Uganda; and
  4.  to breathe life into rulings of Ugandan courts on matters of maintenance, grounds for divorce, bride price, widow inheritance and parental consent.

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