Finance and Administration

The Department is headed by the Undersecretary assisted by the Principal Assistant Secretary, Senior Personnel Officer, Senior Economist and the Senior Accountant, among other staff members.

The Department’s core functions are to oversee the overall coordination and monitoring of all programmes of the Commission and mobilization of resources; financial, human and material for effective operation of the Commission and analyzing and submitting technical reports on the projects of the Commission. It ensures prudent resource planning and management.

The Department is also charged with collecting and analyzing data for conducting feasibility studies to determine the financial and administrative viability of Commission projects and sets priorities in conjunction with implementing departments. The Department is also responsible for coordinating development plans of the Commission as well as for budgeting.

Activities of the Department

The Department was established with the major objectives of:-

(a)     mobilizing resources; financial, human and material for effective operation of the Commission;

(b)     overseeing the overall coordination and monitoring of all programs of the Commission;

(c)    analysing and submitting technical reports on all the projects of the Commission;

(d)    ensuring prudent resource planning and management;

(e)    collecting and analysing data for various Commission projects;

(f)     coordinating the development plans of the Commission; and

(g)   undertaking budgeting for all Commission activities.

During the year, the Department facilitated various procurements of the Commission such as:

  1. printing of Commission publications;
  2. equipment & furniture;
  3. media adverts and supplements;

Plans for FY 2013/14

In the coming year, the Commission will continue implementing its Strategic Plan and the second JLOS Strategic Investment Plan- SIP II. Priority will be given to the following activities:

  • completing the recruitment process of all Commission staff and filling in all vacant posts;
  • finalising and adopting a work place HIV /AIDS Policy;
  • completing and implementing the Commission’s Human Resource Manual;
  • reviewing the structure and administrative policies and procedures of the Commission in order to enhance staff welfare and development;
  • following-up on the appointment of part-time Commissioners;
  • continuing to support staff development through training;
  • constantly updating information on the Commission website;
  • continuing to mobilize resources and equipment to facilitate Commission activities;
  • publishing the Uganda Living Law Journal; compiling the Annual Report; the Ministerial Policy Statement; and other publications from the different Departments of the Commission;
  • transforming the Commission library into a fully fledged Resource Centre. Plans to develop an online library are also underway; and
  • participation in activities of regional and international bodies such as the EAC, COMESA, UN, WTO, ALRAESA, SMART Partnership, , AAPAM, CAPAM, CALRA’s, ESAGA, etc.