Some of the bills initiated by the Uganda Law Reform Commission and were Enacted into Law

  • The Hire Purchase Act
  • The Trade Secrets Protection Act
  • The Mortgages Act
  • The Companies Act
  • The Insolvency Act
  • The Contracts Act
  • The Domestic Violence Act
  • The Electronic Signatures Act
  • The Electronic Transactions Act
  • The Computer Misuse Act
  • The Capital Markets (Amendments) Act
  • The Sale of Goods Bill
  • The Trade and Services Marks Bill
  • The Chattel Securities Bill
  • The Industrial Property Bill
  • The Geographical Indication Bill
  • The Free Zones Bill

Status of Bills Initiated by the Commission

(a)  Bills enacted into law

  • The Geographical Indications Bill assented into law in October 2013;
  • Accountants Bill assented into law in May 2013;
  • The Chattel securities Bill enacted into law in December 2013; and
  • The Industrial Property Bill enacted into law in August 2013.
  • The HIV Prevention and Control Bill.

(b) Bills pending in Parliament

The Commission initiated a number of bills that are still pending in Parliament. The Commission is hopeful that with the advocacy for quick passage strategy, the bills will be passed into law. The pending bills include the following:

  • The Marriage and Divorce Bill;
  • The Anti counterfeits Bill – went through the 1st reading and was committed to the Parliamentary committee on trade. Consultations on the Bill are ongoing between MoJCA, MTTI, URSB and ULRC.
  • Plant Variety protection Bill – before the house for 3rd reading in December 2013;
  • The Trade Licensing Bill.

(c) Bills pending in Cabinet

  • The Sale of Goods and Services Bill
  • Investment Code Bill
  • The Trial on Indictments (Amendment) Bill
  • The Magistrates Court (Amendment) Bill